Small World

In Small World, players vie for conquest and control of a world that is simply too small to accommodate them all.Designed by Philippe Keyaerts as a fantasy follow-up to his award-winning Vinci, Small World is inhabited by a zany cast of characters such as dwarves, wizards, amazons, giants, orcs, and even humans, who use their…

Età suggerita:
Tempo di gioco:
80 min
Numero giocatori:
Progettato da:
Philippe Keyaerts
Pubblicato da:
Days of Wonder, Asmodee, Asterion Press, Gamer Café Kft., Edge Entertainment, Enigma (Bergsala Enigma), Galápagos Jogos, Gém Klub Kft., Hobby Japan, Hobby World, Rebel Sp. z o.o., Siam Board Games, Stratelibri