ThemePlayers take the part of land owners, attempting to buy and then develop their land. Income is gained by other players visiting their properties and money is spent when they visit properties belonging to other players. When times get tough, players may have to mortgage their properties to raise cash for fines, taxes and other…

Età suggerita:
Tempo di gioco:
180 min
Numero giocatori:
Progettato da:
Charles Darrow, Elizabeth J. Magie (Phillips)
Pubblicato da:
Parker Brothers, A. F. Tompson & Son Ltd., Åhlén & Åkerlund, Alga, Altap, ASS Altenburger Spielkarten, Aurimagic, Barnes & Noble, Borras Plana S.A., Brohm-Parker-Spiele, Carlit, Clipper, Damm / Egmont, deSka, Editrice Giochi, Edwards Dunlop And Company Limited, Epoch Co., Ltd., Estrela, Franz Schmidt, Funskool Games, General Mills, Globetrade, Hanayama, Hasbro, Inspiration tv network, JinLiLai, John Sands Pty Ltd, John Waddington Ltd., Kasco Industries, Klee, Korea Boardgames Co., Ltd., Kuvataide, Leaping Dog, Majora, MB Juegos, Metrotoy, MIKA, Miro Company, NeoTroy Games, Nilco S.A., Nýja leikfangagerðin, The Op, Oy Fenno-Alga Ab, PanGraf, Parker Spiele, Remoundo, Schmidt Spiele, Schtelber, Smeets & Schippers, Tilsit, Toltoys, Tomy, Tomy Company, Ltd. (Takara Tomy), Waddingtons, Winning Moves Games (USA), Winning Solutions (WS Game Company), Zontik Games